Thursday, April 08, 2010

Dome Home

Well after 15 hours and 630 miles the dome is home.
Dean lent us the trailer and Lester did the ride along. It started at 6:00 am in Lutsen and then, 6 hours later we arrived at Polydome. While visiting with Dan, we got some great tips on making the rest of the assembly go smoothly, we then packed up, strapped down and took off around 1:30. Our first stop was at an auto store for trailer wiring supplies and door mirror extensions. The dome was bigger then I had expected and was very hard to see around, add a 20 mph head wind and we had all the makings for a long drive home. It ended at 9:00 pm when we drove into Lutsen.

I can't say enough about Dan at Polydome he was helpful and gave us a very fair deal on a great made in Minnesota product. I'm excited to start installing it next week.

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