Friday, May 27, 2011

Details Coming Together Nicely

All the test fitting before painting is now paying off,
re-assembly has been effortless and very rewarding as it starts to show it's final appearance.

Window and door trim to finish up along with fascia, soffit and steel roof installation.

The overall view.
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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Paint, Trim, Computer Counter and Humming Birds

We've had some nicer weather lately
which has allowed us to get more done on both the observatory and cleaning up storm damage left over from last falls big storm.
We burned most of the tree that smashed my truck and we also did more cutting and dragging of downed trees to the fire pit so we're ready for our next big burn.

The frost is boiling out of the roads around here but getting better by the day,
we pulled tracks off of both trucks last week and I'm very happy with how they look after a winter of hard use.

We also have had humming birds in the feeders for about a week now, it's fun to have them back I know the cats missed them.

Observatory work

Trim along the floor was painted and installed,
the computer desk counter top was designed and built in place.

Applied two coats of the base yellow on the outside of the building.

Pats always painting,
trim, fence, fence corner posts, coating the large ABC blocks you name it she'll paint it.

Test fit of the blocks before they got plumbed up (front)

back side of blocks

Hoping to launch the pontoon boat and fix the dock this weekend, would love a pan of fresh walleyes, if not that then maybe some steelhead fishing.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Ice Off, Loons Calling and Dock Under Water

I woke up at 2:30 am this morning and noticed it was still 52 degrees
so I reached up and opened the bedroom window for some fresh air,
within seconds I could hear the loon calling and knew I would see an open lake at sunrise.

My 5:30 am cat alarm went off as it does every morning to reveal our end of the lake clear of ice, our dock completely under water and a pair of fornicating ducks taking advantage of the underwater platform

photo of dock less the ducks.

So now Pat has won the,
Last snow and
Ice off (She hit this one to the day)

and I won the
Snow off the road

I have the feeling she will take the rest. I'm going to pull the tracks off the truck this week and just run the wheeler till the road dries out

Observatory work is interior trim and installing the cable light system over the counter space.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Floor Installation and Squirrel Relocation Project

Well the floor is installed in the warm room,
with lots of measuring and lay out we cut the roll of flooring then loosely rolled it up and carried it inside the building.
Fitting the flooring took some time but once we were happy with the fit we smoothed it out and trimmed along the walls.

Looking into the large end of the room.

Small end of the room.
Now that the flooring is complete, I will start the design and construction of the computer countertop work station in the large end of the building and bunks in the small end.

With today's nice weather we also worked on outside details
finishing the fence and post layout along with more painting.

After the layout was complete the fence was removed for painting.

Along with observatory work I have been running a
Red Squirrel Relocation Project
Since we fed the birds all winter we are over run with red squirrels,
so out came the Have-A-heart live trap.
Every squirrel gets a 2 mile 4 wheeler ride to Bill's Branch of Murmur Creek,
I have made 7 of these trips so far.

Here is number 5 we will call him Bob and he is waiting for his wheeler ride.
If any locals around Grand Marais or Lutsen are looking for live red squirrels just email me and I'll save you some and deliver them for free!

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Indoor Work Weather Spent Painting

Rain, windy and cold.
We did get a short break in the weather to set up our 1st fence layout.

Once happy with the layout the fence was removed as one panel, taken inside and painted. The long corner post will be shortened when we decide how they're going to be topped.

Once this 2nd coat is dry we are going to glue 1" yellow smiley face marbles in the top holes.

Here is one we just pushed into the wet paint to get a feel of how it will look.

Also painted the inside of the door.