Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Big Truck Small Road

Observatory moving day,
Dean showed up and shoe-horned his truck and trailer into the storage building driveway, after about 20 minutes and a Thermos of coffee we had a plan.

With the hoe on his trailer, Dean lifted the dome off the building and placed it on my small trailer.
Then lifting and pulling, he was able to get about 1/3 of the observatory up and on the deck of his trailer, and then he swung over and lifted the complete building level with the trailer,
Now with a chain come-a-long hooked to a nice big tree we just slid it across the trailer.

Quick strap down, little more coffee, and off we go.

Just getting out of the driveway was tight, now there was only 3 miles left down a crappy road that is only 10 feet wide in most spots.

It was a slow trip with low hanging tree branches, sharp curves and giant pot holes! Once we reached the site, we simply reversed the procedure to unload,using my truck instead of the come-a-long to slide it off.
All in all the move went great.

After offloading the hoe, Dean starts clearing the 1000 foot road through some very thick woods. I'm excited to have this land opened up a little but we tried not to tear it up too bad because it's full of beautiful maple trees

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