Monday, July 26, 2010

Concrete Day

Well after some thinking I decided not to piggy-back our concrete load, it seemed we would wait at least another week and I was worried about how long the mix might have sat in the truck before delivery.
Ordering a small 1 yard mix costs more but it was in perfect shape when it showed up.
All in all, it cost about $40.00 more then we would have paid doing it ourself and there were no extra trips to town, or buying, loading and mixing, a true no brainier.

It was close, the building height made for very little slope on the trucks shoot so we had to push the concrete down to the pier.

Vibrating 3 times during the fill, we then installed and aligned the top bolt plate. The blue tarp kept the mess to a minimum.

(Click on any photo to see larger view)
Pat's planting looks great, the photo's don't do it justice.. Now it's up to me to water so they get a good start.

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    get this thing up and running! I was up there enough this year and never saw them!