Friday, February 26, 2010

Olympic Lump

My poor couch cushions have taken a beating these last few weeks with all the Olympic TV coverage and the higher sun angles washing light and heat into this small cabin. I just haven't done much lately. Coffee with Baileys, comfortable couch, warm sunlight, some curling, a little x-country skiing, a long nap followed by a meal, then repeat in the evening, this schedule would kill a normal man.

However, There is some observatory news.
Dan from Poly Dome called today. During my visit in January he had informed me that every so often they end up with a blemish in the manufacturing process and we could save some money if there was one in the spring run. Well it looks like we lucked out and we're going to get one! Nothing structural, he called it a bump and he will set it up and have it ready to pick up the end of March.
With that news it's time to build the 10x10 foot observatory. With the days getting warm enough to work in the storage building, I plan to build it on top of a set of heavy caster wheels so we can easily move it around the shop. It will be completely built, painted, dome installed and tested, then dismantled and trailered behind a 4 wheeler to the top of the hill in the spring.

Bad news from Meade
A Meade Technician informed Jim that his 6" telescope sent in for repairs a few weeks ago is not worth fixing. We are disappointed, and right now we have plans to replace it. This scope was going to be a star party special. He was told that the repair cost would be more then buying a new one and Jim had told then just to throw it away, but it's Mead's policy to return it. I was very glad to here it's coming back. Any salvageable parts will be saved and the telescope body will make a nice mail box or driveway marker sign for the observatory.
Well gotta go, cocoa water is ready, Bailey's is waiting and the Olympics are on.

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