Sunday, February 14, 2010

Up the hill on snowshoes

It's a good thing I'm light on my feet (some say cat like) or the couple of feet of snow might have killed me. I slipped on my snowshoes and trudged to the top of the ridge for some photo's, a few GPS marks and some work with the Topographic Abney Level to determine line of sight in degrees above the horizon. This photo is looking south from the approximate observatory site, the ridge line in the distance is about a mile away, in the valley below sits Deer Yard Lake and just past that far ridge is lake Superior.

This second photo is looking north, the ridge line in the far background is over two miles away with Pike Lake and Murmur Creek in the valley below.

I'm very happy with the site. A few weeks back I was thinking about putting it lower down the hill so it would be closer to the house and cheaper all around in building cost. When I discussed this idea with Jim, he pointed out that observatory's belong on the top of a ridge not half way up, and in this case I think he's right. Jim also got the opportunity to see his telescope in person and have his own "Holey Shit!" moment. Now the size of the project is starting to sink in and I'm glad to say his commitment only seems to get stronger.

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