Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Telescope Boot-Up & Perfect Granddaughter

Thursday we installed batteries and brought the scope to life.
We were lucky no none was killed.
Reading the manual by flashlight, we tried a polar alignment and I have to say it was a little spooky seeing the big telescope moving on its own.
Then we tried to focus in on something but we quickly decided we may as well have been looking up a goats ass, so we decided maybe a little more daylight manual reading is in order.

Friday morning I drove to the cities to see my son and his family who traveled in from New York with our new granddaughter Helena, Leni for short. Now I'm not much for babies but the only word I can come up with for her is Perfect and I do mean Perfect.
It was fun to see everyone, Pat's sister Sue and her husband Doug threw a great pool/dinner party on Saturday for the entire family. It's amazing how much fun kids have in pools.
Back up north Sunday night.
Monday I pulled down the scaffolding and started measuring for the raised platform that's needed because we chose to build with taller walls and door.

Total of 30" of lift will give us a nice eye piece height along with storage underneath for things like snow removal tools. So far the only tricky part is going to be the stairs
and remembering not to hit your head going up.

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  1. Stan -- we drove by the observatory today -- looks great! Really appreciated your visit and thoughts about transportation. Would love to connect further and invite you and pat for a meal, tour the observatory and talk trax! V and K, send us an email or post on our blog.