Sunday, September 19, 2010

Stairs, Carpet, lighting and Clean-up

Sorry I've been slow to blog but things have been crazy around here lately, so I'll try to catch you up.
The end of August we had a lot of visitors including Stuart and Anita, friends from Georgia, this being their first trip to our remote site. Stuart used all his deep woods navigation skills and his vast local knowledge of Cook County to make the 17 minute trip in just under one hour. (Stuart you know I poke fun cause I care and the boys at breakfast miss you!)

Anita emailed me this photo she took during the visit, her email also stated that it's a magical place and I have to say I love that description, thanks.

The deck top when on well and I also boxed in the pier and started to design and build the stairs

Then the deck was covered with 18" square black carpet tiles and the lighting layout began.

The red rope lights are from Ax Man surplus and worked out great. Once the pier cover is painted black it won't glow any more and we also ran lights down the edge the stairs to make them very visible.

Last week I made the run to Duluth for warming room building materials so the Dr Seuss house will get it's start this week. Our neighbors, Bill and Jackie, donated a very nice window to the cause and we thank them for that.

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