Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lock Up Your Womens

now that the Explorer is totaled I've had to put the Buick station wagon back on the road
and we all know that chicks just love that car. Old, young, big, small, straight, lesbian, the Buick's attraction is universal and very powerful. I promise to drive it only when necessary and I also found my stick to beat them away, but I can't be held responsible for what happens.

I got a chance last night under clear skies to spend some time with Jupiter. There were 2 eclipse spots that traveled across the face of the planet in the early evening, seeing was pretty good and the telescope worked well. I was also treated to my first meteorite that streaked across the dome opening, very cool!

Work continues on the warm room mostly insulation and wiring. I installed the first 2" conduit to the observatory, this will be for all the USB and RS232 communication cables and there will be a second conduit for power cables in both 110 and 12 volt. We're keeping them separate to avoid any unwanted electrical noise interference.

Other then that I cleared the last of the trees off the road with my snow plow truck and I'm still waiting for the State Farm adjuster to show up. Hope it's soon, I'd love to get the driveway back.
That's all for now.

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