Sunday, October 03, 2010

Starting the Seuss House

Hon was up all weekend and anxious to show off her carpentry skills so
we started with framing up the floor section, boxing in one side with 1/2 inch plywood, then applied a thick coat of paint before flipping them over on there 4X4 skids.
The two sections were joined together and the boxed in cavities filled with R-19 rated insulation then covered with 3/4 plywood flooring.

Then the framing began.

Our fist surprise is that 16 feet looks pretty tall,
but in thinking back to storage building construction I recall that one day it looks huge and the next day small and now that it's full of crap it looks tiny, so I think this warm room will also even out.

Besides her unbelievable carpentry skills, Pat has always been our landscaping expert. She brought up the first Seuss shrub that got planted Saturday and looks great.
Other then that I'll find someone next week to help reinstall the scope and work will continue on the warm room with should include no fewer then 6 trips to the lumber yard!

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