Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hows This For Cool?

We haven't used the
Cool Shit-O-Meter
in a long time but today it hit a new high.

Lester and I did the big road trip over to Michigan to pick up the tracks and I have to say David at American Track Truck exceeded all my expectations.
He set us up with a nice place to say Tuesday night and was at the shop bright and early Wednesday morning to show us the installation procedures and test the fit of the system on our truck.

See what I mean, that's cool.

You can click on any photo to enlarge.

After a short test drive we pulled it back into the shop, removed the tracks and replaced the tires, loaded the trailer and got back on the road - in less then 2 hours!
This early start was good, we had found our way over in the dark and were looking forward to seeing the trip in the daylight but it didn't take long to make a wrong turn.
This wrong turn made us boot up the Ipad and google maps for help and it quickly showed us a new route, the route from Hell.
Logging road after logging road that kept getting worse and then we came to a crossroads where we were to turn left but there was one big problem, the locked gate across the road.
Out came the Ipad for new directions assuming the roads can't get any rougher, wrong again. Not only rougher but now we're back tracking, and this side trip only cost about 2 hours.
The second missed turn gave us a chance to visit the great town of Ontonagon,
no where close to being on our way home but we didn't let that stop us.
All in all our navigation skills cost about 3 1/2 hours but on the other hand without the Ipad we would still be some were in the middle of Michigan.

Again a big thanks to David at American Track Truck. Use this link for more information.
Can't wait to play in some deep snow.


  1. check this out,
    hope we get some of this during the winter

  2. Hey Stan!
    I haven't been on for awhile, things are looking great! We were close to crossing paths when you went to the U.P. for the tracks, which look good by the way. I was up there for 2-3 months, leaving right around the time you wondered over for the tracks. Would have been good to see you, centered myself in Berglund while there. Just wanted to get in touch Stan, hope everything is well!