Sunday, November 14, 2010

Strange 2 Weeks Ending With Snow

Looking down the road from the observatory driveway.

This was the view Saturday evening, by Sunday afternoon we had about 8" total.

Fair progress on the warm room, one hold up is my electrician. I'm not sure he's the brightest bulb in the pack but we'll get through it just fine.
Very happy to report the stereo is operational and the acoustics are great,
Jimmie Rodgers yodeling never sounded better.

Greg visited last week for some Jupiter watching and seeing was pretty good for early evening. After Jupiter we turned our attention to Cadwell 14 or NGC 869/884 Double Cluster.
NGC 869 is also known as h Persei and NGC 884 is also designated chi Persei. They are both located in close proximity towards the Perseus arm of our galaxy at a distance of 7000 light years, and are very young for galactic star clusters, NGC 869 being 5.6 million years old, and NGC 884 just 3.2 million years old. Each contains more than 100 stars. Their apparent size is 30 arc min each, about the diameter of the full moon.
This was a very nice target for my first real out of the solar system viewing session.

I have also been dealing with the Insurance company about my truck. I have to say I thought I'd take a beating, but State Farm's settlement was fair and I thank them.
Here's what was left after having the tree removed and I am already missing that truck!
A big hunk of the last two weeks have been either clean up from the wind storm or getting ready for winter.
This coming week I'm heading to the UP of Michigan to pick up our tracks. They would have sure come in handy today with all the new snow.

Sorry for the slow updates, I'll try to get back to at least once a week postings.

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