Friday, March 11, 2011

Good Progress in the Warm Room

Work in the warm room is going nicely,
still not as fast as I would like but all the little detail work always take longer than planned.
We rented a panel lift to fit the high ceiling sheet rock and it worked out great! We had never used one before so there was a little leaning curve, but it ended up taking longer to run it back and forth to town then it did to hang the rock.

Here it is in action.

Back wall with the cedar ceiling beam installed

Front wall and a window with a great view of the lake.

Front door and small end of the room.

Back wall of the small end of the room, it's hard to photo a little building.

We haven't decided on what we want for windows above the header, so that space is un-rocked for now.

We also started on the outside detail work. Pat has designed and cut out the picket fence parts, and is working out the paint scheme and picking out the carpet and lighting.

Just a reminder of what we're building.

The snow continues, last weekend we had 3 straight days of lake effect snows that put down another foot, but the sun angle is improving and the days have been getting warmer which makes the snow pack settle down some.


  1. It's so much fun to watch a building evolve from shrub to Seuss House. Can't wait to help inaugurate it! There WILL be an inauguration gala...right? The kids have their Papa Stan tie-dye ready at the waiting for the festivities!

  2. So glad Pat told me about this! Now I can follow your progress - it looks fabulous and can't wait to see its completion someday. I agree with Jo... let's have a party! Here's hoping winter is soon behind us. Have fun with this incredible project Stan!