Monday, April 18, 2011

Clean Up, Interior Paint and We're Still Waiting for Spring

Finally done with the sheet rock work which left us with a day of wiping down walls, sweeping and vacuuming all that sanding dust followed by masking and taping everything we didn't want to paint.
We then sprayed 2 coats of primer, a total of 5 gallons, over the complete interior and turned up the heat. We let it dry for 2 days.

So on goes the paint,
pastel green covers everything but the back and one end wall that are a soft yellow.

The yellow doesn't show well in the photos but looks great in person and the purple vertical beam splits the back wall up beautifully.

Looking from the larger space into the smaller end, the end wall with the sun spot is also yellow.

It's a small and hard to photograph building but I think you get the idea.
We painted both colors in one day, then did a 2nd touch up coat the next day.

While the paint was drying, it was also time to clean up.
The fire ring had poked out of the snow along with a lot construction debris so we started a fire and burned all the wood scraps along with making a dump run for the non-burnables, the snow was dropping fast and it even smelled like spring.

This was the Rodeo parked right in front of the warm room Thursday covered in mud. The gravel driveway was just about clear of snow and things were looking good so we headed to the cities for the weekend.

Here's the road Sunday afternoon as I am heading back in, what a difference 2 days makes.

Sunday's view of the observatory and warm room.

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