Thursday, April 07, 2011

Long Winter and What the Hell Is A Red Room

You know it's been a long winter when
a pair of ghost twin girls show up in the cabin talking about a red room.

Pat was able to get this photo,
they scare the crap out of me and what the hell is a red room?
then there's the neighbor...
Pat and I went for a walk yesterday and ran into him and he doesn't look so good.

I think he might be bipolar and should maybe buy one of those special lights,
he didn't seem to want to talk so I'll bring it up again in the spring.

I guess what I'm saying is, if you want to know how our winter's been, just rent this movie

This winter will not quit.
On of the last day of March we pulled down all of our 3M window film that has covered every window and the front door since Thanksgiving.
We then put the chairs and grill out on the deck, even cleaned the front windows and installed screens, our timing was perfect, it then snowed for the next 3 days.

Since the last heavy wet snow we have been getting highs in the upper 40's and things are finally starting to melt.

Haven't seen the rock wall for a long while.

We have all the interior primer and paint and hope to be painting the warm room this weekend, there are just a few touch up spots in the plaster to fix first.

Also started cutting out the sheet metal flowers that will be part of our "garden" in front of the warm room

Now for some north woods competition.

#1 last snow fall.
Stan- April 21
Pat - April 27

#2 last frost.
Stan- May 18
Pat -May 6

#3. snow off our road.
Stan-May 8
Pat - April 29

#4 Ice off the lake.
Stan-May 13
Pat - May 9

#5. Tracks pulled of the rodeo or the first time we can drive in on tires
Stan-May 27
Pat - May 20

One last thing to mention,
a Lynx sighting!
I've been up here all my life and it's my first Lynx. We were coming back from town and it crossed the road in front of our truck and then walked 10 yards into the woods, stopped and let us watch for a short time, very cool!

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  1. We agree -- this winter has been too effing long! Val told me today to change the photo on the opening page of our blog: too depressing. We come up on the 14th. Can't wait to run into those twins or the guy with the axe. Would much rather see the lynx than one more snowflake! Kathy and Val