Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Floor Installation and Squirrel Relocation Project

Well the floor is installed in the warm room,
with lots of measuring and lay out we cut the roll of flooring then loosely rolled it up and carried it inside the building.
Fitting the flooring took some time but once we were happy with the fit we smoothed it out and trimmed along the walls.

Looking into the large end of the room.

Small end of the room.
Now that the flooring is complete, I will start the design and construction of the computer countertop work station in the large end of the building and bunks in the small end.

With today's nice weather we also worked on outside details
finishing the fence and post layout along with more painting.

After the layout was complete the fence was removed for painting.

Along with observatory work I have been running a
Red Squirrel Relocation Project
Since we fed the birds all winter we are over run with red squirrels,
so out came the Have-A-heart live trap.
Every squirrel gets a 2 mile 4 wheeler ride to Bill's Branch of Murmur Creek,
I have made 7 of these trips so far.

Here is number 5 we will call him Bob and he is waiting for his wheeler ride.
If any locals around Grand Marais or Lutsen are looking for live red squirrels just email me and I'll save you some and deliver them for free!

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