Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Black Flies, 3 Birthdays, a Wedding, Dock Repair and Boat Launching

Sorry for the 19 day gap in blog'en but between
dock repair, pontoon boat launching, 3 birthdays in Minneapolis, visiting grandchildren, a wedding in Omaha, along with multiple trips to Home Depot, Fleet Farm and Northern Tool all ending today with a down and back run to Duluth for a friend, we've been a little busy.

Even with the worst black fly hatch in years making it very hard to work outside without going crazy, we did get some observatory work done.

Full front view
click any photo to enlarge
door trim
window flower box and trim
we tiled the bare wood vertical beam
close up of tile
installed the cable lights over the desk
close up of the lights

We were able to save the 32 foot straight piece of dock but the L shaped end was completely shot.


  1. Wow, this is really looking great! Good job to you both, can't wait to see in person.

  2. Looks great. Now go fix the docks down at Gebome East and West.