Monday, July 11, 2011

Metal Roof, Lightening Rods and Road Restrictions

Wow it's just short of a month since my last blog, life has been hectic.
Mid June we ordered the metal roof for both the cabin and the warm room, it showed up early July on the back of a very large semi truck.
Well to get to our private road you must drive a county road that still has the road restrictions on and this truck was way over the weight limit. Dean, our friend and dirt contractor, was kind enough to let us unload at his shop were it still sits in a big pile.
The road restrictions are also keeping Dean from getting our power cable and lightening protection installed along with our final landscaping, hopefully we can finish it all by the end of July.

A new view of the front.

We have been completing the fence and flower details

Work inside went on as well, here is what we decided for finish on the computer desk top.

Here is the sitting bench with pad.

Fridge, microwave oven, coffee maker and wire storage rack.

View looking from just inside the door toward the front window and computer desk.


  1. You have till August 21st to get things up and running. Or at least enough up and running to be able to convince a certain 4 year old that he's looking at space... :)

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  3. Your green home looks very cute! It’s a great idea that you’ve decided to use a metal roof, though you had problems having them delivered. Metal roofs are durable and are easy to install. Anyway, it’s been two years, how’s your house now? I bet your roof is still in good condition. :)

    -Frank Casher-