Saturday, October 01, 2011

Punch List, New Equipment and Georgia IT Support

We are starting to compile our punch list and can see the end of the building phase,
along with this Jim has been researching and ordering some of the remaining hardware and computer gear.
Our guide camera showed up a few days ago and Jim went with the
Starlight Xpress
Lodestar Autoguider
It's a perfect fit with our camera in both attachment and quality. I will assemble the entire camera package on the next rainy day and document it completely.
Next week will be computer decision and ordering, helping us with this we have a computer specialist in Georgia that I will call Monday.
(We call him a specialist because he's sensitive about being called a geek or nerd and we don't want to upset the big sensitive guy)

Site clean up is going well and most of the tools and saws are packed up.
Here is a few new photos taken today.

View from the road.

Front view

Pulling into the parking lot.

End wall facing the parking lot,
still looking for windows to put in that upper roof line.

We will build a board walk around the buildings.

,Back, including power box, extra conduit runs and the grounding cables for the lightning protection.

Runs between the buildings
2 for power and 1 for computer communication cables.

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  1. That looks like an absolutely brilliant project, I'd love to build a house like that in the middle of nowhere to live in. Sadly in the UK the weather would probably make it into an incredibly expensive house.

    IT support