Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Landscaping, Utility Run and Roofing

Wow, it's been crazy around here
starting with two trips to the cities to get my knee surgery set up.
Mike and Joline brought the grand kids up north
for a short get away that included lots of camp fires, fishing, 4 wheeling and fun
so again the observatory took a back seat.

But then Dean showed up,
anyone who has hired Berneking knows that when he's done you're Happy.

We had a list,
"The Dean's List"
and 1st thing was to set hun's propane tank cover in place


It was nice to move it over to it's permanent home.
We built it in the driveway and it was somewhat in the way.

The big dig began at the electric meter.
Years ago when running water and power to our cabin we back filled this part of the ditch with sand and a marker post knowing we would have to re-dig in the future.
This ditch is 6 foot deep and running up our driveway, the depth was needed for the water line.

Looking back down the ditch with our bundle in the middle. The bundle includes a power cable, water line and two empty conduits.We then sand padded and insulated the bottom of the ditch before back filling.

The ditch by the meter was sand filed and layered,
this hole has propane line, water curb stop, 2 water lines, 3 eclectic lines, 2 empty conduits.

At this point we split the ditch into two paths.

The 6 foot deep ditch turns right and ends at a water hydrants, the shallower ditch runs across to the warm room and still includes a water line that will drain back to the hydrant.

This is the same corner you see 2 photo's up with the hoe parked on it,
we had some lager boulders on site that Dean pulled out and placed to build the corner of Pat's large terraced rock garden.

It ended up being a nice large garden.

Upper corner of the garden with water hydrant.

Now came the landscaping around the warm room.

Over the build we had been backing right up to the warm room door and this pulled a lot of the rock and soil from the front of the building, so Dean continued the rock wall around the front,
this allowed for a wider, level path around the building and more planting space.

There is now a parking area to the right of this photo.

The path from the parking area goes right by the blocks, Dean found a nice flat rock to support the post.
(it's level, bad photo)

Pat and I also installed the steel roof on the warm room, we just need to trim it out and I'll put a photo in next time.


  1. Ooohh I am so jealous of your 'woodshed' screen for the big ugly tank! Dean really rocks. Can't wait to head up to see the finished product in person.

  2. I like how you guys turned this part of the forest from boring to playful and more colorful. Kids will finally have a wonderful time camping in that area.

    Norbert Floth