Monday, February 27, 2012

Company, Snow and Another Bobcat Photo

Sorry for the slow post's and progress with the observatory.
I had some company up for a few days, the kind of company you have visit when your significant other is away on travel. This type of company also needs preparation time before and recovery time after, you know a guys weekend.

Even the cats needed recovery time.

Speaking of cat here is my latest photo of our local bobcat.

Just missed, I'm still figuring the camera aiming out.

Then came the snow.
 We were able to keep our road open  to February 27th, but that's all over now! We have 10" of new snow on top of  the 4" from last week and more on the way, so our road is officially closed and we're now back to running the tracks.

This is the view from our deck over looking the dock which 5 days ago was completely free of snow. 
I'm not  complaining  though,  we really do need the moisture.

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  1. Those cats look hung over. What the heck did your guests to to them???

    By the way Stan I am nominating you and your blog for a Liebster Award! (Google it... I had to ...) Aww, ain't life sweet? Share the love, man... see you soon, we will be up and ridin' Babe to the Top O' The Hill on March 10.