Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Short Mud Season, Ice Off & Green House

Well I haven't done anything with the observatory in weeks but I do have a boatload of excuses
 for the lack of progress.

We pretty much got through the mud season in good shape. The snow has been gone for a few weeks and we've had some rain with warm weather, that along with the road work last fall,
kept everything in good shape.

Looking East from our driveway

Moved the track vehicles out to the storage building. I'll pull tracks off next week

Snow completely gone at Observatory

We started up the green house to get a jump on the early spring,
Pat has lot's of plans for her new rock gardens that Dean built last fall.

We taped it to the deck at front door so we enter it from inside the cabin.

The boys are happy with the new square footage 

Already had to re-pot, we might have jumped the gun!

Got back home today and found the lake is open!
Last year this happened on May 5.

Here is the same view as the one in my last post.

Looking East from our dock

Looking West

That's all your getting today and I promise to get back to work on the Observatory.
If there are any readers from the University of Duluth Astronomy Department or even a local geek,
I would love some help or tech support from somebody that knows
software to hardware configuring using Maxim DL Pro.


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