Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Spring Time Work

one busy spring. 
I've been putting in some time working in the warm room work along with some software practice
and education, but I still have a ways to go on that front.

 We have finished trimming out the last windows and upper wall and are concentrating on just getting everything moved in.

The shelf system worked out well.

Part of the spring work load around here includes:

so maybe it's not all work!

We also had to deal with the fact that our composter is not Pine Martin proof!

He loves to poke his head out to see if the coast is clear.

We did get both boats ready, launched and water tested.

It's been years since I have unwrapped and ran my poor John boat,
it took a bit of work but it now runs great,
this is the year.  I'm either going to fish it or sell it.

The pontoon launched without incident and started right up.
(Thank you Yamaha)

We also replaced 7 windows in the cabin before the bug season. The new windows are wonderful
with larger glass panes, lo-E treatment and very fine screens.

After that we pulled down our winter bird feeder. Limited deck space combined with blocking the view meant it had to go.

Bird feeder loaded up for it's truck ride out to the storage building till next winter.
We received countless hours of enjoyment from the feeder and it's design will continue
to evolve year after year.

Then came the flower gardens.
Last years dirt work included two more large terraced rock gardens along  and a few pockets along the driveway edges suitable for planting, suitable that is with the exception of dirt with color and rocks removed.
Pat worked hard prepping the sites and defining the edges with rocks.

We attended the DFL convention in Duluth the weekend of May 6th and got very lucky to find a Duluth composting site, open on Sunday with a bobcat to load our empty pick-up for the low low  price of $27.00 a yard.
So we are now proud owners of a steaming pile of compost in the back of our truck.

After we  unloaded this pile it was very clear we are at least one truck short of of what we needed so  we planned another trip.

Trip two included plants and another yard of compost.

Pat's new tulips have just bloomed. 

Even the window boxes are done.
 Sorry for the lack of observatory news but life up here is fluid and  dealt with day by day.
Getting things done before the bug' get bad is very important,  as a matter of fact there is a half an hour in the spring and anther in the fall where you can be outside naked without being cold or bite by bugs and last Sunday from 11:00 to 11:30 am was it!
Sorry if you missed it, there's always next year.

One last thing,
 I know I said I would not get political in this blog but I have to brag.
Cook County sends 6 delegates to the District 8 precinct convention and they only have 1/2 votes, so we get a total of 3 votes.
At this convention there was a total of  176  votes, so when one of our delegates wanted to be elected as a delegate to the DFL convention in Charlotte NC I was concerned that our 3 votes couldn't carry it off.
Well the combined efforts from our table campaigning and a great speech from our delegate we are sending Denny Fitzpatrick to the national convention.

Denny and Al Franken

Congratulations Denny!


  1. Wow, your place looks great! Boats in order, spiffy observatory, gardens, and a pine marten photo... plus a bonus shot of Al Franken. Thanks, Stan, just what I needed to get my a** in gear and update my blog -- tonight, with some new pix of our continually moving mess up at the Bluff.

  2. Down the lake from you, Gebome is quiet. My grandfather Robert W. Merz passed away in his sleep last night.

  3. http://www.ohalloranmurphy.com/fh/obituaries/obituary.cfm?o_id=1489785&fh_id=12984

    Gebome will be missing someone this year.

  4. Hey Stan, love your blog, glad the compost got home OK, thanks for the congratulations, couldn't have done it without the help of you and Pat! ~Denny.