Sunday, December 13, 2015

Been to Long

It’s a cold rainy snowy day and out of boredom I find myself up at the observatory where the much underused large computer lives. After winning  2 of 13 games in solitaire and looking over the music selection I’d be playing over the next few hours I decided to get to work.

You need to understand  with my level of ADD means everything around me acts like the squirrel that distracts the poor dog, so my getting to work started with a lengthy search for stuff I don’t need on EBay, followed by even more music selections.

Fighting back the urge to click on the Full Tilt Poker site and let LayDownSally have some fun (my poker name at that site) I decided to have a look at my neglected blog and all I can say is wow,
 Where do I start?

I haven’t written since May 2014, as a matter of fact I have not looked at the blog since then. That's when King Leonardo died. Now all the memories of him came flooding back, I had a very  hard time with that and it still hurts today.

Here is one of my excuses for not writing, I can come up with more if needed!

My work hours spent on community items has grown considerably, I guess I’m making up for all the years of pipeline work were I wasn’t home to get involved with local government.

  • unsuccessful run for county commissioner 
  • appointed to the water adversary committee
  • appointed to the Cook County Planning and Zoning Board of Commissioners
  • appointed to Cook County Board of Adjustments
  • seat on the Cook County/Grand Marais Airport Committee
  • elected to the Arrowhead Electric Cooperative board of directors
  • Seat on the county aquatic invasive species task force
  • Volunteer lake & river monitor
  • Seat on the Comprehensive Land Use committee
  • Board of Directors Birch Grove Foundation
  • Still attend most of the county commissioners meetings
               I think to keep this first post short I will bullet  the last few years and write about a 
                 few at a time, they are listed as they come to mind may not be chronologically.
  • · Winter of 13/14 was tough and very long
  • · Winter 14/15 not too bad
  • · Winter 15/16 not much so far
  • · Rebuilt a boat big enough for the Great Lakes
  • · Built a big new floating dock
  • · Have high speed fiber internet to the cabin and observatory
  • · Grand kids visit
  • · Blew out my other shoulder, surgery required
  • · Summer of 2015 was great weather
  • · Lots of friends visited and fished over the two summers
  • · A few large fish over the two summers
  • · Had a yard beaver one summer
  • · Lots of wolf sightings
  • · Bird feeding both winters was unbelievable added a new feeder
  • · Tried to place a new cat in the house (not good)
  • · Road repair
  • · House in the cities flooded from a broken dishwasher
  • · Pretty good garden summer 2015
  • · Flower gardens doing very well
  • · Lost our clothing optional sign (it was holding back property sales)

I'm sure other things will come to mind

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