Sunday, December 20, 2015

Winter hit's with a mixed mess

Well, Wednesday we got hit with rain, then 8" of snow, and I decided to drive the three miles to our house in my pick-up.

Turned out to be a bad decision. If I had waited till morning for turning the truck around it would have gone better, instead I ended up badly stuck.

No big deal,  just run the three miles on the 4 wheeler to the storage building and get Val and Kathy's jeep on tracks, or so I thought.

About a mile into my trip I find a large cedar tree hanging across the road about 5 feet above the road surface. This tree had fell in the 10 minutes it took me to get stuck.

At this point the word "screwed" comes to mind.
 I had only been out of my arm sling 2 days after shoulder surgery and pretty sure over head chainsaw work is out of the question.
With one phone call to my new neighbor Richard Bohnen my trouble was over! He was kind enough to snowmobile down to my fallen tree and he cut and cleared the road in no time.

A quick run for the jeep and Richard helped get the truck unstuck, 
this goes above and beyond being a good neighbor!
Thanks again Richard!

We also had to pull down the weather station today and bring it into the house to let the ice melt,
 it could not be cleared any other way.

Now to answer some of the bullet points from the earlier post, odd but number one question was about the new cat we tried to bring into the house.

Here she is, a 3 year old Sphinx, yup hairless, what a sweet cat, it's the first cat I've seen that came with outfits. I was really hoping it would work but Itchy would have none of it.
I could not guarantee her safety and had to bring her back to Duluth.

I blew my right shoulder in October and had surgery November 2nd, working on physical therapy now and trying hard not to re-injure it. 

This years new umbrella over the bird feeder, it's been pretty good year for feeding.

Ok I'll show one big fish photo,
 my good friend Dean caught and released this nice 30 inch fish on June 12th proving even a blind squirrel finds a nut ever now and then.

a nice photo of the Cascade river taken today.

Just packing up for Christmas in the cities, it's always hard for me to leave here for any amount of time, Pat not so much, she's looking forward to the trip and Christmas.

I hope everyone has a good holiday and stays safe.

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