Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fishermen Picnic, Wood Shed and Pantry

Well the observatory took a back seat
to a few things on the honey-do list and the annual Grand Marais Fishermen Picnic.

The 1st honey-do build was a wood shed but not just any wood shed.

This magic wood shed is
11 feet long, 5 feet high, 3 feet deep and packed full of wood.

Here is the magic part,
this is the view from the back of that same full shed,
it's empty and actually a cover for our propane tank.
Pat has always hated the look of that big tank and this was our solution! We had used this technique before on our cabins mechanical room.

This fake wood shed covers the plumbing and water heater.

The 2nd task was a kitchen pantry,
which in itself shouldn't be a big deal, but when you live in a 420 sq ft cabin things get a little tight. To over come the shortage of square feet we now have a living room pantry and no more front closet.

This is the summer view of our new pantry with the front door open.

Door closed winter view of pantry, we are thinking that maybe a dancing hula girl beaded door curtain will dress it up nicely.
(at least that's what I'm thinking)

I also spent 4 days exhibiting the tracks and observatory at our fishermen's picnic.
We put the rodeo back on it's tracks and displayed it over the long weekend.

As you can see we got a spot down in "man's world": portable wood mills, large outdoor wood boilers, lumber jack chain sawing, log rolling, field mowers, wood chippers and ATVs.

Lucky to have a ice cream truck and climbing wall close by,
seemed like big crowds all weekend and the truck received a lot of attention, hopefully we can get a few track sales later in the year.

Still waiting to get the power cable dug in. I just got the steel roof to the site today so we hope to be done roofing this week. Sorry for the slow progress but summer is short and the list's of things to get done are long.

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  1. I like how you used your wooden sheds as a cover up for your propane tank! I have been looking for a creative way to hold my logs and it's even cooler that you got another use out of it!