Thursday, November 17, 2011

Computer Up & Running and Camera Back Installed

Our new computer was delivered the first part of the month.
I unpacked it and played with some preliminary setups trying to maximise desk top space.
Happy with the lay out I drilled large holes in the counter top for the cables, theses holes were then finished off with desk grommets.

The main computer with it's dual monitors will run the camera, guide camera, auto focuser, telescope and Photo Shop.
The others will be split up between running the dome, weather data, observatory lighting, Internet and warm room music.
I am very happy with the quality of the monitors,
I'm extremely impressed with the whole package, it's rocket fast.
Thank you again Barry!
We received a great bang for the buck and
couldn't have done it without you.

Work in the observatory included:
more wiring both 12 and110 volt
degree indexing the inside of the dome
installing the dome rotation set-up
lighting controls
and camera back installation.

Camera back installed

Side view
click any photo to enlarge

Camera comes very close to the inside of the forks when the telescope is looking north.

Starting to get some snow

Today just a little open water left and with temp right now of 12 degree's it will be iced over solid by morning.

I promised a road update for my neighbors,
all the holes have been filled, big rocks pulled, some ditch work, the real bad mud holes dug out and filled along with the brush pushed back to open up the edge's.

all photos are from the east end of the road to where the gate was,
if you want more info or photos email me.

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