Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Feels Like the Best Christmas Toy with missing Batteries

That just how it feels right now.
12 days ago the computer was all set up and I started loading camera drivers and software only to find we were missing a huge program needed to run just about everything.
We had thought this software was included with our camera purchase but it wasn't and the fact our camera was bought over a year ago didn't help.
After calling our supplier they agreed to have the company drop ship the software to the observatory, well after a week of waiting we called them again only to find they had ordered a down loadable version which doesn't help us up here in slow Internet world.
Now I'm promised delivery this week!

Other news,
the weather has been very nice with only light snow.
I have another damn raccoon in the bird feeder and the live trap is set right now.
I installed the tracks on the neighbors jeep
and I also get to put a new radiator and fuel pump in my pickup. (lucky me)


  1. Hey Stan, I haven't checked in on the blog for a while. Nice progress. Thought about calling you for help today but used my head for once instead of calling for more strong backs. See the results at tomchristiansen.blogspot.com

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