Monday, November 07, 2011

Telescope Camera Back and .COM Site Address

We have picked up
domain name and will be setting it up over the next few months.
Both the blog and .com site will run concurrently with the .com site containing much more technical information, easier to navigate and search and be strictly astronomy based.
The blog will continue to be more of a life journal about living in the woods and running the observatory.

Other news,
our computer will be here in the next few days and I should be able to determine just how far over my head I really am, so to be ready I started with putting the camera back together and here is a quick overview.

Back view of the QSI 583 camera with internal filter ring.

Front view.

Opening the camera to expose the filter wheel.

Empty filter wheel.

Filter wheel had to be removed for the filter installation, you can see the shutter at the top.
This is like buying a new Nikon camera, bringing it home and taking it apart to see how it works.

This is the 4 filter set from Astrodon and is the
LRGB E-Series
CCD Filters
Generation 2
Red, Green, Blue and Lumicon.

Filters installed in the wheel.

Re-installed the wheel, then the camera housing and I had no extra parts or screws!

Next was the installation of the AutoFocuser.

Jim's choice of focuser is the
I have to say that it's a very high quality piece of equipment and fit perfectly.

Last but not least is the installation of the guide camera,
again Jim stepped up with one of the best.

This is the,
StarLight Xpress
Lodestar Autoguider

The business end with it's visible CCD chip

The complete package ready to attach to the telescope.
The guide camera mounted without any kind of adapter or trouble.

I am also finishing up the wiring in both the warm room and observatory along with installing the last 2 windows in the warm room.

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