Friday, December 09, 2011

The Wait is Over, Now It's Learning Time

Our wait ended today.
After a waiting period that felt longer then a performance of Madam Butterfly that I attended
some years back,
our copy of Maxim DL Pro was in the mail box!

I'm very happy we had to order the boxed software instead of the downlodable version because a 402 page manual was included, it's around $60.00 dollars more but not having to print it was worth every dime, besides its nicely printed.

Out comes the yellow highlighter, reading glasses and coffee with Baileys.
I need to read just enough right now to make sure all our drivers are 64 bit and compatible,
understand what hooks up and determine the last of our cable needs.
We are coming up on two year anniversary of the project and this blog and I would love to be showing you some photos of at least the solar system by then.


  1. Take a moment out of study for a brief wtf moment

  2. Random comment. I heard that the beavers have been busy up there and chewed a bunch of birch trees down! Do you have any photos of that?