Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cords, Cables, Connect, Repeat and Bookshelves

 I didn't take the first photo by my Jan 14 deadline but I'm all wired up and very close.
I do remember reading in my research books that I shouldn't short myself
on electrical outlets, but
apparently my reading comprehension skills suck because I'm way short in the outlet department.
Here is the power panel in the observatory with both 110 and 12 volt,
the bundle of cables on the right side are communication cables, it's weird but when I work on the panel
I always feel like someones watching.
This is the wiring at the base of the telescope, USB cables are all powered because of their length,
The observatory also has multiple cameras installed so we can monitor everything from inside the warm room. This is the computer that runs those cameras.

Design work on the bookshelf has gone very well and I'm finally happy.
The 1st shelf just above the monitors is oversize, deep and strong, 
this shelf helps supports the 4 corner shelves, 2 per side.
The right hand corner shelves are temporarily spaced and held up by plastic file boxes 
so I could see them in place.
They will get pulled down, painted and installed this week.

First chance I get to open the dome I'll try running everything from inside the warm room but lately we have been hit with nuisance light and blowing snow.

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