Thursday, January 05, 2012

Back On Track, More Cables & Clean Up Fires

I should say back on tracks.
Last week we had a weather prediction of heavy snow followed by cold temps
so we decided to install the tracks on the 
Rodeo on a 30 degree day instead of below 0 day in deep snow.
Track installation didn't prevent the below 0 weather but did keep the snow fall to around 2".
Even though we still don't need them, at least they're on and being ready just might keep the snow away!
Plus you have to admit this is cool.
Although my neighbors some how think there CJ looks tougher,
 I can say Rodeo is one hell of a lot easier to get into.

Jim and Michele were up over the holidays and I was hoping to run the telescope
but no such luck. Over Christmas I had placed a large order for the cables needed to hook everything together and they hadn't arrived,  so in the interim we loaded a pile of software and drivers along with registering everything.

After receiving the long powered USB cables we routed and pulled them through the conduit between
the observatory and warm room. I then started wiring everything together, guide camera to the CCD camera, CCD camera to the desk top, auto focuser to the desk top, 2 web cams to a lap top, all the power cables for  the cameras, powered USB cables, dome rotation motor and  telescope power.
I was feeling pretty smart right up to figuring out I had forgot the communications cable that runs between the telescope and the computer and it seems that one is important.
(who'd thought)

Just a few of the wires and cables, I'm going to need the big container of zip ties.

We have had enough snow to light our clean up fires
During our dirt work this summer Dean stacked up 4 large burn piles of brush, stumps and dead trees
So over the last few days we have burned 3 of them.  I can't help but think I caused great hardship for all the critters that had made the piles their winter home.

That's all for now
Happy New Years All


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  2. "CJ"??? "Cool Jeep"? Hey, neighbor-- her name is Babe!! and she is WAY cooler than the Rodeo (though we agree, you need a running start and experience as a hurdle jumper to get into her...)