Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Cook County Blog Has Started

Well last month I promised to stop being political on our observatory blog and to start a Cook County Minnesota blog, 
and it's now up and running and called
We Do Things Different Around Here
 here is the link

This is going to be an open blog that will organically develop with the help and input of others both in and outside of the county.
If you want to become a co- writer, have any suggestions, or have any questions please email me with the link in my profile form on either blog.
Please try your best to stay positive, this blog is looking for constructive out-of-the-box thinking that might help unite not incite.

Observatory news
Bookshelves almost done and the telescope wiring is now complete. We are now heading out onto the lake to look for Northern Lights, should be a great night. 

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