Friday, January 21, 2011

Farewell To Bucky

It just won't quit snowing.
It's getting really bad around here, snow is piling up faster then a person can move it and everything is suffering.

Last week we lost our local deer Bucky,
we have always had a love hate relationship , he loved eating our flowers and I loved shooting him with my paint ball gun.
A few years ago I caught him stretching out over the garden to eat the tulips and I opened the window and painted him yellow with around 10 paint balls. I was feeling fairly confident that Bucky wouldn't return for a few days and Pat would get to see her flowers the next weekend.

Well I couldn't have been more wrong, I looked up at the flower bed one hour later and the tulips were already gone, he was a sneaky bastard.

Bucky showed up at the cabin around Christmas,
we were all happy that he made it through hunting season but the deep snow was going to be a big hurdle this year so we started feeding him trying to keep him close to the cabin and safe.
Unfortunately last week he went out onto the lake and headed over by the other cabins where a large pack of wolves caught him in the deep snow.
Since Bucky's demise we have a doe showing up to the feeder
which just may have his off spring in her, we can only hope. Bucky was a very large deer with a beautiful rack and a great gene pool, he will be missed.

(photo: Jim Malters)

Now scroll down to the Jan 13 blog photos,
look in the background at my tan plow truck with the light covering of snow on it.
This photo was yesterday, that's just 7 days of snow.

Back side of the cabin.

Observatory and warm room

Seeing how it's only mid January and we have this much snow I fear cabins will start collapsing
under the snow load like in the 1970's. This could be a record setting year and a large wet snow in March could be a disaster

We woke this morning to 27 degrees below zero and
the cats staring out the window at our doe in the feeder. She looked cold but happy for the food.
The sun is now up and it's warmed to 16 below zero, the birds are filling up at their feeders and watering dishes which ends up being great entertainment for the cats.
Looks like an indoor day.

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