Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year from the Great White North

The observatory has taken a back seat to the winter season,
between having to find a new truck, bad winter storms both here and in the cities and the Christmas holiday there has been very little done on the project.

Seems like I just get the snow cleaned up in time for the next snow,
two days ago we got hit with rain for most of the day then snow through the night making clean up and getting around really hard.
Pat was up here for the storm that collapsed the football stadium in Mpls. so after pulling snow off the roof and cleaning up at the cabin we went home to clean up the house.
Arriving home we found 3 feet of snow at the end of the driveway where the plow piles it up and 2 feet in the rest, the roof also had the 2 feet along with deeper drifts.

One big trouble is the ice dams, we have them on both the house and the cabin. The cabin roof is already leaking, between that and the heavy snow load, this is going to be a long winter.
The other tough thing is to find a spot to put all this snow,
we're driving over it with the tracks but I still have to plow out the storage building where we park and that parking lot is getting very small.

So all I can say is that I'll try to get more done in the next few weeks. I have to buy and move some sheet rock back here with should be fun without getting it to wet.
We're coming up on the one year project anniversary, I had hoped to be done by now but to all you that have followed the blog I thank you.
I'm sorry for the slow month and will try to get more blog writing in the future.


  1. Happy New Year! We cant wait to bring the kids to the cabin, Ash looks at all your blog pictures and is super psyched to see Space from Papa Stan's big scope.

  2. Have you picked up on Uranus? It is less than 1 degree north of Jupiter this week.