Friday, January 28, 2011

Just More Winter and a New Tracked Jeep

For now I guess this is a weather blog!
It's Friday night and heavy snow has been falling since 4:00 this afternoon and the wind is howling.
Pat and I spent some quality together time Wednesday shoveling snow off both the cabin and observatory

We are now also shoveling out the windows.

We packed a snowshoe trail to the propane tank, dug out the gauge cover and checked to see if we have a chance of having gas for the remainder of the winter. Normally this cap stands about four feet from the ground!

Just another day.

Shoveled out and ready.

We are starting to realize how much snow we're driving over with the tracks,
keep in mind that we have not plowed the road or driveway at all this winter.

This is the Everson's lot sign which is well over my head in the summer, look in the lower right hand corner that's the door mirror of the Rodeo.

Our new friends and neighbors, Val and Kathy are the latest Track owners in Grand Marais enjoying the snowy winter.
Check out their blog.
On Wednesday we also took photo's of the cabins on our road and I'll try to post them tomorrow.

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