Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Rocking the Warm Room

Well the weather up here has let up some,
even though the rest of the country is getting snow, it's been better then a week since our last storm and I'm happy about that.
Pat and I just about have our road fixed back up using our old single blade drag,
the new drag is back over at Dean's where I need to make some modifications to the lifting mechanism. I hope to have it ready for the weekend's warm temps wich will make the snow more workable.
I spent some time sheet rocking in the warm room today and I have to say it was fun getting back to work on the observatory. We hung rock on the lower section of the ceiling and one end wall.

looking at the small end of the warm room

Large end.

This larger end of the room has a much higher ceiling so we will need to rent a panel lifter and also buy more sheet rock, but first I need to clean up so we have enough room to work.

Other then that the boys are bored of winter and are just trying to stay warm
in their favorite spot.

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