Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Stop Being So Damn Negative

If I want to believe that spring is here just let me,
you all have to be negative with your
"We could get 4 more feet of snow before winter's over" or "It will still be well below zero", and my favorite the high school basketball winter storm annual prediction.
Some time it's hard to be the glass 1/2 full guy in a county full of glass 1/2 empty folks.

Today we experienced the best weather of the winter, 50 degrees and sunny.
I spent the day cleaning snow and ice off the cabin, observatory and warm room and got right down to the shingles.

Back side of cabin

Lake side and even the deck is clear, a week ago I would have guessed May before seeing the roof.

Now the entire week has been great but today can't be beat,
between scraping layers of snow off the roof I would sit in my recliner on the deck in my red European low cut Speedo getting some early season sun.
(good luck with that mental image)

We have also been overwhelmed with the interest in the tracked vehicles and we have started a company up here called

Remote Access
Tracked Vehicle Solutions

if you have any interest in seeing what it's all about or wanting a test drive just email me from this blog or at and I'll get back to you.

Other then that, sheetrock work continues in the warm room, using our new drag to do road grooming and I continue to attend the County Commissioner Meetings.

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  1. Hi there, Stanly! I know it’s kinda late, but it’s good to hear that you scraped snow and ice off your cabin roof right after the winter season. That would save you from worrying about the leaks and other roofing problems that could weaken the whole structure in the long run.

    Pleasance Faast