Tuesday, February 01, 2011

What a Drag!

The drag prototype was completed
with just a few more hours of work at Dean's shop and we then hooked it to the truck for it's 20 mile road trip to the storage building.
At the back of the drag is a swinging axle system
that locks down for road use or anytime
you need to back up.

Here's a photo of the back with the wheels down for the road.

Side view

Our new used truck that replaced the crushed Explorer.

Hooked to the Rodeo,
wheels up with drag down on the ground and ready to start grooming.

Video of the drag in action

Some other news,
our project surveyor Sam Parker is starting a blog and I would encourage anyone needing land surveying work or technical support to visit his site. Sam has always been very fair and helpful with a great attitude even when we didn't get it and he had to revert to remedial education!
He also did our pier alignment.
Here's his blog

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