Sunday, January 17, 2010

After a few weeks of research

Back form vacation. After some Internet research and the reading materials from vacation, I came up with two lists, an "absolute" list and the "still thinking" list.

The absolute list.
1. Start the blog
2. Name it: Murmur Creek Observatory
3. Dome top
4. Wood floor with rubber mat floor covering
5. Large proper telescope pier, concrete base with steel sand filled upper mount
6. Warm room, done with one building or two
7. Electric service, 110 volt to the observatory and 110/220 volt to the warm room
8. Extra open duct runs between observatory and warm room for expansion
9. Level site around the buildings for star parties and lawn chair viewing
10. Build the buildings as practicable as possible, saving the money for the gear inside

Still thinking list

1. Size and shape of the observatory
2. Size and shape of the warm room
3. How best to heat warm room
4. Build or buy the dome
5. Service entrance to the dome
6. Dome automation add on for later expansion
7. Lightning protection

Now the big push is to sort out the still thinking list with a few road trips and phone calls.

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