Saturday, January 16, 2010

Costa Rica Christmas

It was time to pack up and head for the cities. I had ordered a few books and stopped for some magazines, I knew I had some reading to do before I could do much more planing.

The books are:
Setting Up a Small Observatory by David Arditti
Seeing in the Dark by Timothy Ferris

The magazine are:
Sky and Telescope, January 2010
Beautiful Universe 2010.

So off the family went for a sunny beach in Costa Rica. While there my daughter-in-law Jolene gave my a few lessons on blogging, she has done it for years and is very good at it. I hope I don't embarrass her with my feeble attempt at this blog and I do appreciate her help. Being dyslexic, the reading is slow. I have been highlighting everything I think important and I will post my thoughts in the next few postings and then I will try to keep up to date from then on.

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