Sunday, January 17, 2010

Road trip to Polydome

I was surprised to find out there is a company in Litchfield, Minnesota called Polydome that manufactures a 8 foot diameter poly observation dome called the Explora dome. I made a call to Dan, he runs the observation dome side of the company and asked if I could drive to the plant and see one in person. He graciously said yes, so off I went.
The drive was well worth it, Polydome ends up being a large family owned company in the middle of rural Minnesota that build all kinds of poly items. Dan had a display dome set up that
I could get under and get a feel for the design and layout. The inside is finished in black with a white exterior, the shutter doors look well made and the dome comes with a nice wheel kit. I think another big feature is that you can automate the doors and the dome rotation at a later date without a problem. They also have everything you would need to tie the dome into a roof line whether it's a round building or square one. And, being ploy, it will shed snow.

On their website you will also find building plans to download and you can order pre-made buildings. They sell the short entrance doors, they build custom piers, you name it and I think Dan will find or build it. Here is the link: check it out.
Dan, it was fun to meet you and your dad and thank you very much for the tour and education. We will make our minds up in a few weeks but I'm 99% sure your dome will be on the top of our observatory.

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