Sunday, January 17, 2010

Back to Grand Marais

Next was the trip to the county courthouse to see about a building permit, set back rules, gravel fill permit, road building requirements and anything else I might need. What I found out is I can build a 160 sq ft building without a permit, what I didn't ask is if I can build more then one building.

I had planned the observatory building at 10 x 10 foot and the warm room to be 10 x 14 foot unattached. I wanted the observatory to be that size so we could use it right away while we finish the warm room, I also wanted more room in there to service and change out equipment. We will also need to store some of the tripod mounted telescopes we have already acquired for star parties. If I have to do it all in one building, the telescope building will be very small, probably 8 foot round with the warm room making up the rest of the 160 sq ft building. This design will be determined by the site location.

On this trip I also lined up our dirt contractor Dean Berneking, Dean has done all the dirt work we have ever done in Cook County and always has done a perfect job at a fair price. It was important to get on his books early because his year fills up fast and we need him to come in right after the frost is gone and the road into the site will hold up to equipment moving in. Dean will dig in the telescope pier, the footings for the buildings, build the road and remove and haul the trees away, we are very happy to have him on board.

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